the nest thermostat
March 22, 2018

Product of the Week: The Nest Thermostat

Energy efficiency is important on multiple levels, but did you know it can save you serious money?

Independent studies have shown that the Nest thermostat can save up 15% on cooling bills, which comes in handy as the warm weather approaches South Florida. Let's go over some of the main features of the Nest thermostat.

Easy set up

The Nest thermostat is very easy to install, and can be done by anyone. All you have to do is unplug your old thermostat and install your new smart thermostat. 

It's smart

The Nest is considered a smart device, but did you know it is actually smart? After about a week, it has learned your habits and will start taking initiative. If you wake up at 7am every day for work, and raise the thermostat, the Nest will take notes and after a week will start warming the house at 7am. When you get home at 5pm, you like the living room to be a little cooler, the Nest will already have cooled your house down before you get home! 


The Nest came out with the Temperature Sensor, which is a real game changer. If there is a certain room you want to focus on, for example your bedroom or the baby's room, you place the sensor in this room and make it the priority. Now the Nest will keep an eye on this room, and once the temperature rises or drops it will kick the A/C on making it always at the perfect temperature.

Home & Away

There are two ways that the Nest knows if you are home, by your phone's location and by the sensor. If the Nest knows you are not home, it automatically sets itself to an Eco Temperature to save energy. 

Looking out for you

This smart thermostat doesn't just handle the temperature anymore, it also helps you out. The Nest will send your smart phone an alert if your the temperature is getting dangerously low preventing the pipes to freeze, or if your furnace is acting up you will get an alert.

If you want to save money, save energy, be comfortable and have style, invest in the Nest thermostat. If you have any questions or want to expand your smart home send us a message or call us at 561-277-1885