September 06, 2018

Speakers With a Blast

Have you ever gone to the theater, and just love feeling the sound waves hit your chest?

Then when it's time to watch a movie at home, you seek that same thrill and it just doesn't do the trick. Well, we are here to tell you that we have the answer! Your next question must be, will it cost me an arm and a leg? It is a pleasure to say: NO!

Let us introduce you to the Sonos Beam. 

The Sonos Beam is a Smart and Compact sound bar for your TV system. It is easily paired with your TV & remote. It is also compatible with AirPlay 2 and Amazon Alexa!

The Sonos Beam is compact and has a versatile design, which makes it great for any size room. Being compact, you can either place it on furniture or a wall mount, and Sonos thought ahead for us because you can easily add more speakers to fill every room with sound without the hassle of wires everywhere.

It is equipped with full-range woofers and tweeters with harmonize both low and high frequencies, so you get the fullest sound there is. You can enable "dialog clarify speech enhancement", which makes any dialog clearer so you never miss another word. Another fine feature is the "night sound", where you can enjoy your late night shows while the house stays asleep.

The Sonos Beam supports 68 music services, so you will never miss your favorite movie, podcast or games.

All in all, this smart speaker is a great addition to anybody's home and is available for a great price. If you need any more information about the amazing speaker, send us a message and we'd be more than happy to help you select the exact product your need and want. We offer free consultations for any small or big job. Just send us a message or call 561-277-1885