sonos amp
November 02, 2018

When Is The New Sonos Amp Coming Out?

If you like listening to music or watching television as much as we do, we have a really great surprise for you!

Sonos has been talking about their new amplifier for a while now, but the wait is over. This Monday the NEW Sonos Amp is available for everyone to enjoy. Now you might say, I already have an amplifier, I don't need one. Well, you might be wrong, and here is why!

This Sonos Amp is the most versatile amplifier for powering ALL your entertainment. Enjoy high-fidelity performance with 125 Watts per channel, for even the most demanding speakers. Do you just have a small bookshelf speaker? No problem, the Sonos Amp will blow your mind. Do you have a floor-standing speaker? Do not worry, the Sonos Amp will rock your world. In-wall or In-ceiling speakers? Sonos has got your back, and will blow your rock world! Wait... that didn't sound right?

Stream everything you love with the Sonos app and AirPlay. Which means you can choose your control, from wherever you are. Power your speakers outside, and easily expand your home sound system to the back yard. Add stereo and surround sound to your TV for any shows, movies or games!

A streamlined set of ports at the back of the Amp make it an extremely simple setup and will keep all the cords organized for you. But if you have your own banana plugs, the threaded connections are standard diameter so you can switch them out if need be.

Another cool feature that the Sonos Amp provides is that it can connect to your turntable. So if you enjoy listening to the vinyl sound of music, you can even amp up that sound. Receive all the lower frequencies, and really get a blast from the past.

The Sonos Amp is set up with software that regularly updates, so your product is constantly improving. The Amp is build to last and improve over time!

If you have any questions about this amazing product, send us a quick message! We would love to be involved in upgrading your home into a more comfortable and more convenient place to relax and enjoy time off work. No task is too small or too big for us! Get a free consultation now!