ForceAV is South Florida’s top home automation company with more than two decades of experience. Explore the possibilities with a trusted Audio and Visual company located in South Florida. We keep up with the ever-evolving technology that produces entertainment inside and outside your home. We specialize with distributed home audio, home theater, smart home applications, lighting and shades, landscape audio, home networking, and more.  We offer a full line of products and solutions for your home.

We believe strongly that every client deserves only the highest quality in customer service and home audio/visual expertise. We work closely with our clients to design and install a custom audio and visual solution that meets their needs and we spend quality time training our clients so that they can fully enjoy the cutting edge benefits of their new solution.  We treat every installation with delicate hands – whether it’s an entire custom home theater or simply mounting a television; our professionals are here to help with all your home entertainment needs.


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The new Sonos Amp is coming out on Monday, and here is why you might want it!
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2 days ago
How do monsters tell their future?... They read their horrorscope! Happy Halloween everybody!
3 days ago
Make your trick-or-treaters extra jumpy by telling Alexa to play Spooky Halloween Sounds. This will play a continuous loop of spooky sounds, until you tell Alexa to stop. Or add a Spooky Scream that will play a random scream after a set time. No need for only kids to have fun this Halloween!
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Many speakers aren't designed to support low bass frequencies, which is responsible for the full-rounded and dynamic sounds. Paradigm designs sleek looking, high quality subwoofers that delivers bass down to 12Hz. Stop missing key frequencies. Contact us now for more information!