How to Use Your Motorized Shades in Every Season


Learn how your Lutron shades keep you comfortable year-round in Palm Beach

Palm Beach, FL, certainly experiences weather extremes throughout a typical year. Swamp-like summers when the humidity is stifling, rainy seasons when hurricanes are a dime a dozen, and even occasional chilly winters when the temperatures can drop down to the thirties — we Floridians live through all this and more.

But through every season Florida has to offer, your motorized shades can be an incredibly resourceful and useful technology to help you and your family stay comfortable no matter what’s going on outside. So, keep reading to learn how Lutron motorized shade solutions can help you ride out every season in comfort and luxury.

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4 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Your Home Theater Installation


Get the dedicated theater of your dreams with help from a home theater company

A dedicated home theater is a significant investment in your Palm Beach, FL, home. As a DIY project, it would require extensive research into theater design and installation, and substantial time and labor to complete. And what if you poured a few months into the project, only for your theater to not perform as intended?

The better route is to partner with a home theater company from the beginning. There are so many excellent reasons to leave your home cinema project in the hands of a seasoned pro. Keep reading to learn four of them!

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Enjoy Football Season in Style with Outdoor Entertainment


Host memorable watch parties in your backyard with the right audio and video setup

Every year when September rolls around, Floridians know what weekends are for: football. Whether you enjoy watching the college games on Saturday afternoons or the NFL lineups on Thursday night and Sunday, there’s ample opportunity to host amazing watch parties throughout the season.

And as the heat and humidity break over the next few months in Palm Beach and across Florida, why not host game day parties with friends and family in your backyard? Your outdoor living spaces are a great alternative to attending an out-of-state game or crowding into a loud bar.

Keep reading to learn what outdoor entertainment equipment you need to enjoy football season with the pizazz it deserves this year!

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Enjoy Fall Festivities with a Whole Home Sound System


Let music bring all your events to life this fall

We know that hot and humid summer weather is still in full swing in Wellington, FL, but it’s not too early to start thinking about the upcoming holidays, fall festivities, and cooler weather. Whatever you have planned this year, a whole home sound system is the perfect accompaniment. With whole home audio, you can pair all your activities — both indoors and out — with the right soundtrack for a good time. Keep reading to learn how music will bring your fall festivities to life this year!

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