Stunning Quality Outdoor Audio Like You've Never Heard Before

Concrete house with outdoor swimming pool and foliage as decoration under a blue sky

Enjoy music, sports entertainment, and more

Transform your Palm Beach, FL outdoor spaces with high-performance outdoor audio systems that deliver spectacular sound throughout your outdoor spaces. Dedicated outdoor audio systems overcome ambient noise and provide maximum sound fidelity for your favorite songs, movies, and sports. Learn more about how professionally installed outdoor audio systems can enhance all of your outdoor activities. 

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Let Your Smart Home Automation System Manage Your Home


The Life-Changing Benefits of Living in a Smart Home

Unless you’ve experienced smart home automation first-hand, it’s hard to comprehend how these systems create vast improvements in your daily life. One-touch control of your lighting, entertainment, climate, security, and more means very little until you immerse yourself in the experience. 

At ForceAV, we change lives with every installation and are humbled by our clients’ reactions, who commonly use the term "life-changing." Let's take a quick glimpse into the world of smart homes and what these systems can do for you and your home in Palm Beach, FL. 

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Bring Transformational Light into Your Home With Ketra


Make every space dynamic and inspiring with Ketra + Lutron lighting control

Lighting has a powerful effect on your moods, health, and overall well-being. The right light in your home spaces can help you feel more invigorated during the day, promote relaxation at night, and foster a sense of closeness and intimacy during quality time with your family. 

Human-centric Ketra lighting, paired with Lutron lighting control, can help you transform your environment with lighting that stimulates comfort, joy, creativity, ease, and a sense of wellness in your Palm Beach, FL, home. Keep reading to learn how.

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Why Home Theaters Are the Hottest Entertainment Trend on the Market


Today’s home theaters have a lot to offer as your entertainment space of choice

Dedicated home theaters are one of the most popular entertainment trends right now in Palm Beach, FL, and across the U.S. Several factors are contributing to the rise in popularity, including greater access to high-quality content and advancements in residential AV technology. 

One of the most well-known industry claims is that dedicated cinemas can recreate the movie-going experience at home — and the reality is that the media and technology are now available to do just that. Keep reading to learn why a home theater installation is worth the investment for your at-home entertainment experience.

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