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A beautiful sitting room at night, large windows with motorized shades overlooking a patio.


Motorized blinds are so much more than just a home automation trend. With their sleek design and convenient features, these innovative window coverings offer plenty of advantages other than an aesthetic appeal for your Wellington, FL, residence.  

From enhancing convenience and energy efficiency to improving security and building a cozy ambiance, automatic blinds take the smart home game to a new level. Keep reading to explore the world of motorized window treatments and how they'll undoubtedly change your life!

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Can Motorized Blinds Successfully Combine Luxury and Function? Absolutely.


With luxury shades from Lutron and Screen Innovations, you can have it all

Window blinds, shades, and other coverings get a bad rap for looking bulky, drab, or unattractive in your home. ForceAV is here to introduce you to two brands that never ask you to sacrifice luxury and aesthetics for functionality when it comes to your shading solutions Lutron and Screen Innovations. 

Lutron and Screen Innovations are leading manufacturers of high-end, luxury motorized blinds, shades, and drapery. You can have it all with their smart shading systems: sleek and beautiful window coverings, precise lighting control, sustainable energy-efficiency, and effortless, one-touch control with a smart device of your choice. 

Keep reading to learn how to blend beauty and function with motorized shades in your Palm Beach, FL, home. 

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5 Reasons Switching to Motorized Blinds Is a Smart Investment


Learn how motorized shades do so much more than cover your windows

Your window coverings are an essential component of your home’s design. But for a lot of us, window shades can be quite the pain — they’re difficult to manually open and close, and we waste a lot of time running around the house to adjust each treatment individually.

Maybe it’s time to upgrade to a solution that offers better light, temperature and privacy control. Motorized blinds are straightforward to use and controlled with a smart device like your smartphone or a handheld remote. Learn how motorized window treatments will benefit your Palm Beach, FL, home!

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How to Reduce Heat (and Energy Costs) In Your Home


Add Motorized Shades to Relieve the Burden on Your Air Conditioning

Did you know HVAC systems make up to 46 percent of electric bills in an average U.S. household? Unfortunately, not using your HVAC system or limiting its use is impossible in the sweltering Florida weather. So, how can you cut back on energy bills in your Palm Beach home? Installing motorized blinds and shades can make all the difference.

Not only will motorized window treatments reduce solar heat gain, but they will also keep you from using lighting fixtures when sunlight is available. In this blog, we outline how motorized shades boost your energy efficiency, which shades you should be using and how to manage them for optimal results.

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