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Minimalistic dining and living room illuminated by a lighting automation system.

Add luxury, convenience and comfort to your home with lighting automation 

Enhance your lifestyle with lighting automation that promotes comfort and convenience in all your spaces. Imagine waking up from a deep, restful sleep as the lights in your room slowly turn on, creating a bright, vibrant scene to energize your day. The kitchen and living room go from dim and warm to bright to start your day with light that simulates the sun and makes you feel more active and awake. Your work, living and entertaining will be enhanced with smart lighting technologies. Read on to explore the benefits of lighting automation for your Palm Beach, FL smart home.

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Bring Transformational Light into Your Home With Ketra


Make every space dynamic and inspiring with Ketra + Lutron lighting control

Lighting has a powerful effect on your moods, health, and overall well-being. The right light in your home spaces can help you feel more invigorated during the day, promote relaxation at night, and foster a sense of closeness and intimacy during quality time with your family. 

Human-centric Ketra lighting, paired with Lutron lighting control, can help you transform your environment with lighting that stimulates comfort, joy, creativity, ease, and a sense of wellness in your Palm Beach, FL, home. Keep reading to learn how.

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