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Upgrade Your Smart Network Installation Today!

A mother helping her son access online resources from a strong network installation and connection.

Work with a Team of Experts for Your Upgraded System

Whether for work or play, a robust and dependable network system is a must for your Palm Beach, FL smart home to function as it should day in and day out. If your connection is poor, then the rest of your home technology starts to suffer as a result!

A professional network installation can ensure your entire property runs smoothly for fun activities, approaching work deadlines, and everything in between. Keep reading below to learn how an improved network connection impacts your daily living and how our team at Force AV can help bring the benefits of improved connectivity to your home today!

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Why Is My Internet So Slow? A Guide to Common Network Problems.


Learn about the factors that impact network performance and what you can do to solve them

There’s nothing more frustrating than home network problems. Weak connections, sluggish speeds, and dropped coverage can impact your ability to watch streaming entertainment, have video calls for work, game online with friends, and control your house’s smart devices.

If you’re experiencing issues with your network installation in Palm Beach, FL, we know that finding and solving them is your top priority. Today, we’re going to go over a basic overview of the common culprits for problems. Keep reading to learn more!

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Are You Due for an Upgraded Home Network Installation?


Answer these 3 questions to determine if your network solution needs a boost

Nowadays, can you imagine your life without your digitally connected devices? Watching Netflix, jumping on a video conference call for work while sitting on the couch, playing Minecraft with online friends, scrolling through social media before bed, asking your smart speaker to play Pandora in the kitchen — all these activities and more require a home network that operates at lightning-fast speeds to give us the connections we crave.

If you haven’t performed a wellness check on your network installation in years, now is the time to investigate before your home and devices start suffering the effects of weak networking infrastructure. Below are three questions to ask to determine if your Palm Beach, FL, home needs a networking upgrade.

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