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What Kind of Music Can You Listen to With Whole Home Audio?


There’s more available than music streaming!

How are you currently listening to music in your Palm Beach, FL home? Does everyone in your family listen to streaming music on their smartphones? Do you lug a portable CD player from room to room? Or do you confine your music listening to the living room, where your solitary set of speakers is located?

There’s a better way for your entire family to listen to the music they want, wherever they want it. A whole home audio system supplies sound to speakers in multiple rooms via centralized source components. You can play the same music throughout the house or different playlists in different areas. Best of all, you can control the entire system from a single device like a smartphone or touchscreen tablet.

And you’re not confined to only listening to streaming services like Pandora or Spotify. Along with streaming, you can connect a range of music sources to your audio system. Keep reading to learn more!

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Why Not Bring the Concert To You With Whole Home Audio?


You don’t need to go out on the town to enjoy amazing music and entertainment with friends and family

With coronavirus still a significant threat to our nation, live music performances and concerts have yet to begin again in 2021. Mask and social distancing precautions are still in effect in Palm Beach, FL, bars, lounges, clubs and other entertainment venues, making it difficult for you to spend a night on the town listening to good music with great friends.

When you upgrade to a whole home audio system, nothing is stopping you from bringing floor-thumping entertainment to friends and family from the comfort of home. Whole home audio allows you to listen to music whenever, wherever you want at home with one-touch control on a smartphone app or touchscreen tablet.

Keep reading to learn how to use a multi-room audio system to create memorable audio experiences without ever leaving the house!  

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