How to Reduce Heat (and Energy Costs) In Your Home


Add Motorized Shades to Relieve the Burden on Your Air Conditioning

Did you know HVAC systems make up to 46 percent of electric bills in an average U.S. household? Unfortunately, not using your HVAC system or limiting its use is impossible in the sweltering Florida weather. So, how can you cut back on energy bills in your Palm Beach home? Installing motorized blinds and shades can make all the difference.

Not only will motorized window treatments reduce solar heat gain, but they will also keep you from using lighting fixtures when sunlight is available. In this blog, we outline how motorized shades boost your energy efficiency, which shades you should be using and how to manage them for optimal results.

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Using Window Treatments to Conserve Energy

Motorized shades reduce energy bills in three unique ways: eliminating solar heat gain, keeping cold air from leaving your home, and limiting your dependence on artificial light. During the hottest parts of the day, you can lower your shades to keep sunlight from seeping in and heating your space. Shades will then serve an additional function when closed—insulating your windows to keep your cold AC air from sneaking out. In months when it is not that hot, leave shades open during the day to take advantage of sunlight instead of relying on your lighting fixtures.

Selecting the Right Shades for Your Home

Not all motorized window treatments offer the same benefits when it comes to climate control and energy efficiency. Each home will have different needs, so it was vital for us to partner with companies like Somfy and Lutron that offer a wide range of shade, blind, and drapery models. Shades –particularly honeycomb ones with built-in air pockets—are the best option for insulation. If you want to embrace sunlight to illuminate your home, blinds offer a versatile approach that allows light in while limiting the amount of glare in the room. If you want to incorporate natural light in your living space while still protecting your privacy, sheer shades let in soft, filtered sunlight but prevent outsiders from seeing inside. And if you prefer total darkness in the bedroom at night, blackout shades block outside light to let you get a restful night’s sleep. All our shades and blinds are available in a variety of beautiful styles and fabrics. Our team of experts will help you choose the best fabrics and models, depending on your family’s priorities.

Optimize Your Climate Control with Automation  

In theory, the benefits outlined in the first section of this blog are possible with traditional shades and blinds. Still, automation is vital to stay ahead of Florida's unpredictable weather. Smart control lets you quickly raise and lower shades and even adjust blind slats to stay ahead of the sun and heat. You can do this through mobile apps, touchpads, on-wall keypads, or automated changes. Use photosensors that direct motorized window treatments to close when they detect sunlight. Never lift a finger with scheduled scenes that automatically lower shades at midday when the heat is most potent.


Don’t worry about rising temperatures upping your energy bills. Deploy motorized shades and blinds that lend your HVAC a helping hand. Our team can guide you from design to installation to get the most out of this technology. For a one-on-one consultation, give us a call or fill out our contact form.  

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