How to Spice Up Your Outdoor Spaces with the Right Soundtrack


Optimize the Quality of Your Outdoor Sound System with These Tips

Most people dream of living in a sunny wonderland where they can enjoy beautiful warm weather year-round. Palm Beach residents get to boast just that, yet often find themselves not taking full advantage of their outdoor spaces. Usually, that is because the technology features you have come to love inside your house do not extend to your patio, pool or backyard.

Recharging your outdoor spaces could be as simple as adding one technology upgrade: an outdoor sound system. The right playlist can make all the difference, whether it’s the latest pop hits for the kids by the pool or a relaxing jazz playlist while enjoying a late-night drink on the patio. 

Music is a must-have addition to your Florida home, but you need to work with a professional to ensure your system is easy to use and provides high-quality sound. Enjoy powerful, reliable audio by following the tips outlined in this blog.

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Never Use Indoor Speakers Outside

The biggest mistake we see in outdoor sound systems is to try and integrate indoor speakers. Since these speakers aren’t designed to brave the elements, they’ll break down quickly in these environments. A lot of them also don’t have the necessary power to fill out these vast spaces. Not only do they have a bigger area to fill, but they also have more ambient noise to overcome. 

For optimal results, deploy speakers specifically designed for these applications. The best outdoor sound system solution we know comes from Coastal Source. They offer powerful Bollard speakers as well as satellite and rock models that blend seamlessly with your landscaping. How do they deal best with the challenges we mentioned? To pierce throughout the ambient sound, these speakers are directional—sending audio signals in a specific direction. A robust, sealed housing protects them from water, air and debris.

Design the Right Speaker Layout for Uniform Sound

Since these are directional speakers, their placement is particularly important. Though a professional will know best how many speakers you need and where they should go, you want to follow a few general rules. Relying on a couple of wall-mounted speakers will lead to inconsistent audio and angry neighbors. Outdoor speakers should line your perimeter facing inwards, with a speaker placed every 3-6 feet. Your speakers will bounce sound off the external walls to amplify it while providing a uniform sound that doesn’t seep into surrounding properties.

Connect With Your Whole-Home Audio System

Outdoor speakers alone won’t make a good sound system. Ensure you get easy access to all of your favorite music sources as part of your installation. Play your favorite streaming services, digital library, and even your classic records. All you have to do is integrate your sound system with Control4 to enjoy all the same media you would indoors. Take control from a weatherproof remote or mobile app and manage lights and video from the same platform for the ultimate convenience.


Get the most of your outdoor spaces with a professionally installed outdoor sound system. Reach out to our team by calling, filling out our contact form or chatting with an expert below.

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