Explore 3 Ways to Use Landscape Lighting Around Your Property


There are many ways outdoor lighting brings value to your home’s exteriors

Consider how vital interior lighting is to your home. It provides the illumination you need for tasks like reading and cooking, makes your living spaces feel more comfortable and inviting, and sets off your architecture and interior design when guests are over. Outside, landscape lighting serves many of the same purposes for your home’s exteriors.

Outdoor lighting enhances your home’s curbside appeal, provides the illumination you need to walk around safely after dark, and sets the mood for post-sunset activities like a nighttime swim or movie night on the patio. Keep reading to learn three uses for landscape lighting around your Palm Beach, FL home.

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As Exterior Design

You’ve worked hard to implement beautiful landscaping into your property design — landscape lighting allows you to show off the stunning foliage and architectural features to family, friends, and neighbors. At ForceAV, we recommend lighting fixtures from the leading brand Coastal Source. Coastal Source products are stylish, elegant, and easy to install throughout your entire property.

Coastal Source’s hanging lights and tree lights create gorgeous downlighting or moonlighting effects over your backyard. Additionally, bullet lights can be used to showcase unique trees or shrubs, sculptures, and other interesting features in your landscape design. Finally, compact and flexible niche lights nestle perfectly into garden beds, along pathways and in other places where discrete lighting is required.

As Entertainment

Don’t let the setting sun stop you from enjoying warm Florida nights outside on the patio and pool deck. Evenly placed bullet lights surrounding an outdoor courtyard can provide the illumination you need for a few games of pick-up basketball with friends. Or enjoy another round of drinks and more conversation on the patio with Coastal Source’s wall-mounted nose lights enveloping the space in a soft, subtle glow. Finally, nighttime is the perfect time for a swim. Set off the pool with twinkling niche lights while you practice your backflips.

As Additional Security

Outdoor lighting adds an extra layer of protection to your home’s security safeguards. Coastal Source path lights that outline the driveway and front porch provide a safe pathway for you to enter your home after dark. You can automate the path lights to brighten when the sun sets or schedule them to turn on right before getting home from work.

Outdoor lighting can also deter intruders on your property. Motion-activated floodlights that flare into brightness when someone steps within range could be enough to scare off a person who intends to burglarize or vandalize your house.

Bring more beauty, entertainment, and security to your outdoor spaces with a professionally installed landscape lighting design. Reach out to our team by calling, filling out our contact form, or chatting with an expert below.

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