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Experience the Power of Voice Control Like Never Before with Josh.ai


Experience the most intuitive voice control solution on the market

Josh.ai makes home control as easy as telling your house what you want in everyday language. It’s an advanced voice-controlled automation system that uses the latest natural language processing software to process and learn natural language voice commands. You can talk to Josh like you would a friend — the system recognizes questions, greetings, instructions, causal language and more. The only difference is that your friend won’t adjust your Palm Beach, FL, home environment on command like Josh will.

Keep reading to learn more about what sets Josh.ai apart from other voice control solutions.

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Intuitive and Straightforward Voice Control

Josh.ai uses advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning technologies to understand and respond to your natural way of speaking. Voice assistants like Alexa and Siri require that you give commands using exact names, actions, and device identifications. In contrast, Josh.ai lets you talk to your home like you’re talking to another person — if you say, “turn on episode four of Tiger King in the family room,” Josh knows what to do.

And Josh’s capabilities extend beyond simple commands. You can ask your system compound commands like, “turn on episode four of Tiger King in the family room, turn off the family room lights, and turn the air conditioning on,” and Josh will perform all actions simultaneously. And don’t worry if your family members use different names for rooms and devices — Josh recognizes and responds to nicknames and custom phrasing.

One other feature that makes Josh easy (and fun) to use is room awareness. The Josh Micro or Josh Nano devices installed in your home know their locations. Issuing a simple voice command like “play Pandora” will trigger the action only in the room you’re in.    

Beyond Voice — Whole-Home Control

As we’ve stated, Josh.ai isn’t just a voice assistant — it’s a smart home automation platform. Josh can integrate with an unlimited number of smart, internet-connected devices like Nest and Sonos and pre-existing control systems like Control4, Savant and Lutron. Access and manage lighting, audio/video, shades, climate, and security from Josh’s user-friendly interface on a mobile app, tablet or web browser.

Beyond Home — Control from Anywhere in the World

The Josh App gives you control of your home from anywhere in the world. Just pull up the home interface on your smartphone, speak your command, and Josh will get to work. While you’re driving home from work, ask Josh to prepare your home by turning on the hall light and playing some music in the kitchen.

You can also control multiple properties using a single, user-friendly platform. Check in on your second property at any time, no matter where you are — you can ask Josh to turn on the lights while you view surveillance footage to ensure nothing is out of place.

ForceAV sells and installs Josh.ai voice-controlled systems to make your smart home more accessible and easier to use. If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call or fill out an online contact form.

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